Patrons Program

Dear Church Musicians:

Who is a MEFGOX Patron?

A MEFGOX Patron is one who treasures the music of our Holy Church, whether one is a Priest chanting our Liturgy, a choir director or choir member singing our Byzantine melodies and arrangements, an organist, a psalti intoning our traditional chants, or a Sunday School teacher giving her or his students the beginning steps of our music; there also are many parishioners and others who simply love our Church music.

However, there is another element to be a MEFGOX Patron.  In addition to these rewarding activities, there is a responsibility to support an important Church organization that has existed continuously for 74 years now, in both the Detroit and Pittsburgh Metropolises.

The Mid-Eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians (MEFGOX) seeks to preserve our treasured musical legacy by, among other things, sponsoring new music, training present and future musicians through workshops and seminars, and providing a network of support, communications, and camaraderie for musicians of our Holy Church.

Not surprisingly, these worthwhile efforts carry expenses, along with administrative costs, which we try to keep as low as we can. Like your personal or business or professional expenses, ours also increase and can't be ignored. The MEFGOX Stewardship Program from our member parishes and our share of annual Convention proceeds provide our basic revenues. We continue to be grateful for these offerings, but, they are insufficient to allow us to support all of our programs.

Therefore, we are again asking each of our members, their families, friends and any others who love Church Music, to become a "Patron of MEFGOX" by making a personal donation to assist "your" Federation with its expenses, allowing us to continue our dedicated work, expanding our educational workshops and supporting many other programs, especially our Youth Initiative.

There are two ways to send in your contribution. We now have PayPal option on the MEFGOX Website, or if you prefer to send in a check, please complete and return the Patrons form and mail it to our Treasurer with your donation. Like the Stewardship programs of our own parishes and of MEFGOX, we do not ask for a minimum amount. You may, of course, duplicate the Patrons donation form to assist in reaching others who may want to support MEFGOX.

Your generosity will be truly appreciated and will help us to guarantee that future Church Musicians will be able to serve our Faith through our sacred music.

Thank you for your continued support. God bless all of you and your families.

Yours in Christ,


Anna N. Niforos, Patrons Campaign Chairperson