The Byzantine Echo

(The Newsletter of the Mid-Eastern Federation)

The Byzantine Echo is the official newsletter of the Mid-Eastern Federation. It is sent out electronically* to all members several times a year.  Below is the list of current and past issues.  (Select a publication date, and click "Open File.")

       *Due to costs and efficiency, the September 2012 issue was our final print/mail issue.  The electronic version will be sent to all members of the CHURCH MUSIC e-mail distribution list (in addition to being posted here on our website).  If you would like to join this list to begin receiving the electronic version via e-mail, please send your name, e-mail address, parish name, city and state to  


Having trouble opening these files?  You need to have a PDF Reader installed on your computer.  You can download Adobe Reader here for free.  


The Mini-Echo was an electronic newsletter of the Mid-Eastern Federation that was e-mailed to members periodically. Please consult the latest edition of the BYZANTINE ECHO for the most up-to-date news of the Federation.  Below is the list of the archived publications of the Mini-Echo. (Select a publication date, and click "Open File.")